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Membership includes:

  • Access to the group’s bulletin board - where you can post questions (and answers!), discuss technical issues, find out who’s offering good service in the Mac community, etc.
  • Access to the group's download area - from where you can retrieve speakers’ notes, information,freebies etc., direct to your desktop
  • Receipt of regular mailings, keeping you up to date with what’s new in the Apple arena
  • Purchase of Apple goods at special prices from some top UK suppliers
  • Benefit from Lectures on specialist subjects, including:
  • Storage
  • iCloud
  • WiFi
  • Security
  • Broadband
  • Back-ups

And don’t forget the training course for beginners!
If you’re a Mac person, this is the group for you!
To find out more about the Group, and for details on how to join, just click on the logo ...

(Suffolk Mac User Group)

SMUG is a group of like-minded, curious 'Mac-iavellians' who are keen to learn and share all things Mac.

Membership is just £10 per annum. A real deal for real people!